Who can see a Nurse Practitioner (NP)?

We provide service to anyone who needs health care, from newly pregnant women, babies, children, adolescents, and adults up to and including the elderly. Patients who do not have a primary health care provider can see a Nurse Practitioner. However, please note:

You must be a patient at the North Bay NPLC to see a Nurse Practitioner.

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As well, our clinic is in North Bay, so we serve patients who live in Northeastern Ontario. If you have an OHIP number, or have applied for one, you may attend our clinic. You will be asked to show your health card each time you come to the clinic.

Services Offered

We offer individual patient centered care, meaning we work with our patients to establish health goals, and then help them meet these goals. These can be for things like losing weight, living a more active lifestyle, managing stress, controlling blood pressure, receiving vaccinations, quitting smoking, feeling depressed or anxious, or having a check-up. Services are offered in English or French, depending on the patient’s needs.

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Who would see a NP?

If you do not currently have a health care provider (physician or a nurse practitioner), and you would like to become a patient of our clinic, simply fill out an application here, or pick up an application at one of our clinic locations in North Bay.


Programs & Resources for Everyone

Services provided are wide and diverse. Here is a listing of some of the services we offer:



Hypertension is a complex health condition that occurs when your blood pressure is higher than normal...