You must be a patient at the North Bay NPLC to see a Nurse Practitioner.

I applied, now what?

Once your application is received, applicants will be contacted directly to book an intake appointment.

We also accept referrals from other agencies and health care providers. The main criterion is that patients must not have family doctor or nurse practitioner when they apply.

If your care is within the ‘scope of practice’ of a nurse practitioner, you qualify to be a patient at the clinic.  The nurse practitioner then becomes your primary health care provider.

Often, we have attempted to contact patients, but they have moved, changed their contact information or no longer require care. Please notify us if your circumstances change

If I apply, am I registering with Health Care Connect too?

No. You are only applying to become a patient at our clinic. We strongly encourage you to sign up with Health Care Connect in order to find you the first available health care provider. By applying here, you are not automatically registered with Health Care Connect. To do so, please call 1-800-445-1822 or visit:

How to Apply:

Please complete the form below and click the Submit button.

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We request that any family member over 18 years of age complete a separate application.

Contact Person or Person to Call in Case of Emergency
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We will make every effort to accommodate your preferred location.